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No Compromises
in Cyber Security.

You want your business to be protected. Now. You and your business's cybersecurity must be a priority.

Opti365 Solutions for Business provides you with comprehensive, highly scalable, cybersecurity, modern management, and 24/7 monitoring, incident response, threat intelligence and reporting solution for business.

It protects your users, apps, devices, and content from threats like phishing and ransomware, ensures your IT environment is seamlessly managed and updated automatically, and offers round-the-clock proactive security monitoring and incident response provided by cybersecurity professionals.
Your Choice. Your users, apps, devices and content must be protected against phishing, ransomware and data leaks. CyberSecurity Your cloud environment will be managed, configured and updated seamlessly and automatically. Modern Management You will delegate the security proactive monitoring to cybersecurity professionals. Monitoring 24/7 3 Days to execute a successful phishing attack 270 Days to implement a
cyber security project
9/10 of businesses experienced security incident in 2023 80% Of systems are not secured and managed efficiently The Reality.

What can you do? - Act Now - Define Goals - Think Globally - Deploy Precisely - Monitor and Protect 24/7

A complete picture of your environment and mutual understanding what, how, where and when it needs to be done.

All the solution is now set up, configured by the highest standards and fully prepared for onboarding process.

All users and devices are now ready to be managed and secured the way they've always needed to be.

Your environment is now fully managed, configured, updated and monitored 24/7 with confidence. 

Your Journey. Let's be clear - you will need to be fully onboarded. Imagine you are using your laptop or a phone and creating an email message using your software and attaching the document with your quote.

You want to be absolutely sure all of those moving parts are secured and protected against any threat on every step.

You also want the whole solution to be seamless, managed, monitored and updated continuously, 24/7 - so you can focus on what you do. 
Step 1 - Assessment Step 2 - Configuration Maybe you are just getting started, or you might already have some products and tools in place. Great, let's take a look at them.

We will ask some (easy) questions, do a quick discovery, make relevant suggestions, and then it's really your decision what you want to do next.

When you say yes, we will also send you the business proposal!

Oh, and this step can be absolutely free. £0.00.

Thank you for accepting our proposal and we are so honoured to work with you!

Now it's time for setting up all of those policies, settings, ticking the checkboxes, and flipping the switches—based on our previous work with similar customers and, of course, our 25+ years of experience.

This will involve some serious hands-on work, which we are certified for, trained, and really happy to do!

Step 3 - Onboarding Your users, identities, and devices need to be added to the management and security platforms so we can have the required visibility across all of your digital estate and apply the configuration we created.

After all of this hard work is done, it's time for testing and a refined approach to make sure it works exactly as planned and expected.

It's time to hand it all over to the security operations. Exciting times!

Our job is done. We will say thank you, probably a million times, and politely walk away... or can we? What about day-to-day, business-as-usual operations? Who will keep the lights on? How can you and your business be protected against future and unknown threats, often called 'zero-day'? Who will respond to incidents at 3 am while you sleep?

The answer is—we and our Security Operations Centre (SOC) partner will take care of all of it. You can now breathe easily and focus on what's really important to you. See you soon!

Step 4 - Monitoring

Step 1 - Assessment
Project Start

- Digital sign-off
- fast payment
- online booking
- remote delivery
- live progress
Step 2 - Configuration Step 3 - Onboarding Step 4 - Monitoring

Your Outcome. What you will get - yes, it's a lot. Business goals
You want your entire working environment to be completely managed, secured, protected, and proactively monitored against cybersecurity threats.
Read More Cybersecurity
Includes you and all your users, identities, apps and software in a any location in the world on any device, no matter the type, size or system.
Read More Management
Includes configuration, access and permission controls, protection of the device itself, updates on any level, data and content replication and disaster recovery.
Read More

Our Credentials CERTIFIED PROFESSIONALS You will be working with true professionals, certified, trained, experienced and working hands-on every day using almost exclusively Microsoft technology stack. know how Design, plan, deploy and deliver Security and Compliance solutions. STAY ASSURED We can command and conquer all the Microsoft 365 empire. EXPERTISE Dealing with users, identities and their access challenges. HANDS-ON Actually doing the CyberSecurity, not only know or talk about it.

Next Steps.
You have just made an excellent choice. Congratulations! Now, where to start?
Ask us for detailed solutions proposals, share it with stakeholders and anyone involved with the information technology, cybersecurity or modern work and management in your business.

After signing the proposal digitally, book the very first short Kick-off call using the booking calendar provided.
The solution will be deployed within the timeframe specified in the proposal Scope Table.

Congratulations, you have the solution seamlessly working, managed, protected and updated automatically!

Thank you once again - Opti365 Team.

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Business Goals
You want your entire working environment to be completely managed, secured, protected, and proactively monitored against cybersecurity threats like phishing attacks, business email compromise, ransomware, and all the really scary stuff you read, watch, and hear about from the media or even from your customers, business partners, family, and friends.

You also want all your devices, software, and apps to be managed in the most automated, streamlined, unified, and seamless way. For example, when you buy a new laptop or phone for yourself or anyone in your business, you expect it to be exactly how your business wants it to be—secured, equipped with the necessary tools and apps, ready to use, and managed and updated just like the existing ones.

You need to stay compliant with and aligned to standards like CyberEssentials or GDPR. You would like to achieve the highest industry standards, maintain security hygiene, and posture at the highest level, which could, for example, help you attract the most demanding customers or get the best cybersecurity insurance rates.

You would like to reduce the complexity of the tools you already have and optimise your budget by using unified, centralised, and streamlined platforms and solutions. At the same time, you will utilise your licenses, solutions, and platforms to their full potential.

You want to monitor your business IT environment 24/7 against all cyber threats so you can focus on your work and your customers. You might want to be notified about the most serious incidents and threats but you would rather have all security remediations tasks delegated and automated as much as possible.

You want to protect and govern all your data mentioned above and to limit the risk of and protect against any leaks or oversharing, which means sending your content to the people you don't want to or even outside your business or upload it to the apps, portals and 3rd party systems you don't wish to.
Technical Goals - Cybersecurity
Cybersecurity Protection goals will include:

You and your users, both internal and external—we call them 'identities' because sometimes they are not real people, such as shared mailboxes or service accounts.

All your devices, no matter the type, size, or system—laptops, phones, tablets using Windows, macOS, iOS. We call them devices or 'endpoints'.

All the locations where you, your users, and devices are—anywhere in the world, not just in your office or home. It could be a hotel room or a coffee shop where the internet is free and life is good.

Your apps and software—you would like to know if that new shiny app you just downloaded is really safe. Or you might want to block some webpages or apps in your company for everyone, like gambling, social media, or adult content, so you stay safe, compliant, and professional.

You also keep hearing the buzzword 'Zero Trust' approach, and you are curious about what it is and if you can implement it. Good news—yes, you can, you will, and it's not really complicated in its principles.
Technical Goals - Modern Management
Modern Management goals will include:

Configuration: All the settings are configured and set up the way you want. It doesn't have to be the same for all your users and devices. For example, you might want to have social media apps and webpages available for your marketing team but locked for everyone else.

Access: Depending on the device, you want it to be as secure as possible. For example, you want to have Face ID configured on your iPhones, PIN or fingerprint on your Windows laptops, and even use the newest methods like Passkeys on your devices. These methods should be deployed automatically and cannot be easily removed.

Protection: All your devices will defend themselves and remove all the threats, viruses and malware automatically and be tamper-protected, meaning no one, including your users, can change or remove this protection against threats.

Updates: Your devices and apps will update themselves and stay updated. Not all systems and devices can do this, but the good news is—no more 'Windows Updates' horror screen in the middle of your working day.

Data and Content: You want to synchronise all your data, your precious quotes, beautiful PowerPoint decks, and secret spreadsheets across your devices so they are ready anytime and anywhere while being secured at the same time.